Creatief Management   

een processpel voor           
teams, organisaties en         
persoonlijke ontwikkeling


Realizing ambitions with Creative Management

Creative Management is for teams and organisations with an actual issue.
Mostly the issue involves themes, e.g. how to improve functionality, communication, return on investment or familiarity, increasing the number of members or volunteers in your organisation and work more efficiently.
Creative Management is exactly the right context for doing so!

In a short space of time, Creative Management shows the strength of your team or organisation. While enjoying it becomes visible how each member can improve their qualities and help to achieve the common targets of your organisation.
Using Creative Management, you will get a quick insight into processes which obstruct or encourage optimum cooperation and it ends existing patterns or assumptions. With Creative Management, things will start to change throughout the organisation, and each individual will take his/her role and responsibility to achieve their targets.

Creative Management is meaningful and fruitful for people and organisations who want to get ahead and perform better. It is an excellent tool to map conflict situations or conflicting interests. Also reorganisations, mergers or internal conflicts can be a reason to use Creative Management as a management tool and help motivate your team to get the best out themselves. Creative Management provides insight information on how to react to these situations.

At the end of the day, when the members of the team have gained their wider perspectives on strength and possibilities, you might find it desirable to maintain this feeling. The supervisors of Creative Management can offer follow-up steps. These can be in the form of personal coaching or group meetings. Consult us if you need us to set up a trajectory for your team.