Creatief Management   

een processpel voor           
teams, organisaties en         
persoonlijke ontwikkeling



CREATIVE MANAGEMENT is a tool for teambuilding which gives a direct view and insight information in actual themes for individuals as well as the organisation. 

This process tool is suitable for 4 to 30 participants. Each participant makes his own journey throughout the day with a personal theme or issue. In addition to a personalised theme, it is possible to nominate a common theme or issue.
While playing participants gather information in the form of important focuses and lessons, pitfalls and growth possibilities. Along the way, an image unfolds on how the team functions as a whole and where opportunities for improvement are available.

Creative Management sends the participants on a journey. On the game board, representing the circle of development with different key themes, they meet other participants, cross key themes and get information about their situation.

"Let these three people work together more often; the team will benefit...” 

"Improving empathy promotes communication..." 

"There are people in this team, who can not deploy their qualities..."

During this session, a view unfolds that can be of importance for the coming months for the whole team and the participants.