Creatief Management   

een processpel voor           
teams, organisaties en         
persoonlijke ontwikkeling


An organisational constellation shows a different approach to look at companies, organisations, teams, colleagues, employment and your workplace in the full environment.

An organisational constellation makes people move!

An organisational constellation is a direct and effective method to gain insight information and to start necessary changes according:

  • The place of individuals, departments or teams in an organisation
  • The relation between giving and taking, internal as well as external
  • The structure of an organisation and the structuring of processes

Balans in een systeem

Organisational constellations can be used for individual issues in working situations or career development:

  • Position within the organisation
  • Competencies
  • Responsibilities
  • Conflicts
  • Choices
  • Own functioning


Organisational constellations can be used with:

  • Conflicts between key players in different departments of the organisation
  • Bad communi­cation or problema­tic cooperation
  • High absenteeism or huge turnover in employment
  • Inconvenient traditions, old emotional or unwanted loyalty issues
  • Leadership problems or the lack of commitment
  • Drastic changes, like reorganisations or mergers
  • Research for goals, products or market strategies
  • Investment-, finance- or follow-up issues


An organisational constellation is available as:

  • Open individual workshop
  • Thematic workshop for individuals, teams or organisations
  • Customazation focussed on a specific issue for an individual, team or organisation
  • In-company constellation
  • Follow-up for Creative Management
  • Part of a greater seminar
  • An inter-colleague supervision group
  • A research and development process
  • At professional associations, course centre, schools


Preceding a constellation, there is always an interview for information about the approach, possible effects, questions, themes and arrangements for location, number of participants and so on.

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